Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Healthiest Ingredients

I found this list from a Real Simple magazine which states "Stock your pantry and refrigerator with these nutritious, expert-recommended foods."  I don't know who these experts are, but this list sounds pretty good to me and I already buy most of this stuff on a weekly basis.

Try adding 1-2 of these ingredients to your shopping cart each week.  While you're at it, as you add one of these items in, try to take out something not as healthy; perhaps a heavily processed item or something high in sugar or fat?  Give it a try and see how it goes.  Soon you'll be eliminating the unhealthy and enjoying the healthy.

  1. almonds
  2. avocados
  3. barley
  4. black beans
  5. blueberries
  6. broccoli
  7. bulgur
  8. chard
  9. chicken breasts (skinless)
  10. edamame
  11. eggs
  12. extra-virgin olive oil (may I recommend finding one that contains olives grown and bottled in weary of ones that just say "bottled in Italy" as those could be olives from anywhere).
  13. kale
  14. kidney beans
  15. kiwi  
  16. lentils
  17. mushrooms
  18. oatmeal (steel-cut or old-fashioned)
  19. oranges
  20. peanut and almond butter (all-natural)
  21. pumpkin
  22. quinoa
  23. sardines
  24. skim milk
  25. spinach
  26. sweet potatoes
  27. walnuts
  28. wholegrain pasta
  29. wild salmon (aim to get sockeye or Alaskan salmon, try to avoid Atlantic salmon, which is basically synonymous with farm-raised.
  30. yogurt (nonfat Greek)
Quinoa + Salad

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