Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Glance: Eataly

Location: 200 5th Ave New York, NY 10010

So Eataly seems to be the new food mecca in Manhattan, and I agree, it is quite an establishment.  Part market, part restaurant, part bakery, part gelateria, part espresso bar, part wine shop, part butcher, part chocolatier, part fish market, part-need-I-go-on?

I recently dined at Il Pesce within the massive building.  Sat at the bar and watched the chef, young and talented, call out orders.  Had the Zuppa de Pesce, mostly just because I like saying that phrase.  It was tasty, had a lot of flavor, but lacked on the pesce.  Also tried my misters' filet of red snapper, which was excellent, however, tiny and overpriced.

I bought some lovely baby artichokes and avocados (which are only $1.50 each, compared to Whole Foods where they cost $2+).

   low calorie food (medium-large artichoke contains roughly 60 calories)
   fat-free and cholesterol-free
   low in sodium
   source of fiber
   source of vitamin C
   source of folate
   source of magnesium

Eataly also sell local organic NY milk; which I haven't tried yet, but will consider next time I'm there.  There's something natural to me about milk in glass bottles.

Tried a cannoli, which was a big mistake.  The filling was much too sweet and the shell had, what I believe to be, cornmeal mixed in it.  What were they thinking?

The cured meats section is impressive and I found myself buying some delectable Finocchiona, which is an Italian salami flavored with fennel seeds.  It was perfectly thinly sliced and delicious.  Eat in moderation.

All in all, Eataly will definitely get a second visit; however, the crowds and pricing may keep me away more often than I would like.

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