Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunches at home

I don't think people know just how easy it is to make a well-balanced yummy meal right at home.

Some lunches from last week:
Half a turkey sandwich on whole grain toast with pesto spread, tomato, and avocado.  Sprout salad with broccoli.  I also had a glass of fat-free milk.

Added some baked sweet potatoes, fresh snap peas, different sprouts, and one slice of finocchiona from Eataly.

Asparagus, steamed for only 5 minutes in a basket steamer, kiwi, carrots, turkey sandwich with roasted sweet potato spread.

Vegetables maintain their nutrients better when they are eaten as fresh as possible, when not cooked directly in water (nutrients seep into the water), and when not cooked for too long.  For example. broccoli is best when steamed for only 5-6 minutes.  Vegetables should not be soggy or limp; they can be soft, but still have a bit of a snap to 'em.

When you buy your veggies from a farmer's market, you are getting the freshest possible produce, which will have the most nutrients.  The longer veggies sit around on shelves and in your refrigerator, the more nutrients they lose.  

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